Tenure, Seniority, Rif & Recall

Seniority list preparation by New Jersey Public School Districts is a complex undertaking. Califon Consultants is the acknowledged expert and can provide the answers and assistance that you need.


How we can help:

  • General consulting services to school districts on staffing and organizational issues
  • Attend our annual Seminar, an intensive workshop that will familiarize district personnel with seniority list determination procedures and inform you of the latest regulations and Court rulings affecting your district
  • The Califon Computer Program knows all the latest answers and will allow your district to easily compile and maintain a seniority list in full compliance with New Jersey law.
  • Be prepared with our textbooks and manuals
  • Short of time and personnel to complete your seniority list? We can prepare your list for you.

Put our decades of experience to work for you today.



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